Marcos Conde is a visual artist developing murals and paintings for multiple businesses across the US
Today, Marcos is an artist driven by the endless stream of ideas flowing through his mind 
but it wasn’t always this way.
                Marcos didn’t always plan on being an artist. As a child, he immigrated with his parents to the US and would daydream and doodle in class but never took a formal art class while in school. He grew up surrounded by blue collar workers, trying to make a living in a country where they didn’t even understand the language. Because there were no artists in his family or around him, he never thought he would go on to relentlessly pursue the arts for himself in the future.
 It was after high school, while Marcos was taking some classes at a local college, he decided to take a drawing class just for leisure. This class incited the curiosity to pursue a new direction in life. It was also during this time he visited an art gallery for the first time. He subsequently became obsessed with drawing his ideas on paper. 
His path towards artistic freedom didn’t come without roadblocks though, and after a year, he dropped out of school, ended up incarcerated then completely broke, between homeless and sleeping on friends couches while battling a drug habit.
Deciding he would rise above this situation, he arrived at a rehab center in South America. Part of the  program was to use art as therapy. It was here that he discovered the magic that is painting. Since, then he has turned the negativity of the past into a positive outlook he can share with others. He has been obsessed with developing the skills to visually alter his surroundings for a positive change. 
          He has since created public art for different communities through private businesses, schools, and city commissions. He has worked with arts organization Art N Soul to teach art to underpriviliged children in Broward County Library workshops as well as to at risk youth with the Sheriff’s Office. He has also been involved in corporate and cultural events creating live art for different venues and businesses.